Saturday, January 26, 2008

{if you like cowboys...}


...I'm switching gears so fast your heads will be spinning....

...THIS is the funniest blog I've ever read. I've been keeping up with her for the last few weeks, and now I am sharing her with you. 

You have to give her a chance...I know it's different than the things I usually blog about...but honestly, Ree is the funniest women I've ever heard{read?} — and her blog is also sweet and inspirational. She features her cowboy husband, her children, her animals, ranch life, great food, and beautiful photography{her own}. She even shares great "how-to's" for photos. 

And I have NEVER, I mean NEVER, seen so many people comment on a blog, EVER! The comments run in the 100's for just one post. I've even seen posts with 1000's of comments! Amazing. You really should give her blog a read. It's just so unique. You will find yourself checking back in every day.

This is one of my favorites posts, but they're all wonderful: read about her love affair with Marlboro Man, a real cowboy and her husband, and how they met. She has regular contests, too, like coming up with a caption for a photo, or voting for Miss Mustang 2008. It's just great fun...and you come away feeling a real connection with Ree and her family. 

Thank you, Ree!

Anyway, just wanted to share some of my joy. ~ J

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livinglocurto said...

Hi. I found your blog from The Paris Apt. I love the fashion you write about. I had to comment on Ree's site since nobody has (I'm surprised about that!) I grew up in that small town and know most of the people she writes about but her. I had moved on as she moved in:-) It is a great blog. It's amazing how many comments she gets. Good thing she lives in the middle of no where. I be afraid of freaks coming to pay a visit.

Oh, loved your puppy pic. Too cute.